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Since 2011, New Taipei City has been encouraging local elementary schools to implement bilingual lessons for their students, by introducing foreign teachers and staff and fostering an international environment for the next generation. This initiative aims to nurture competitive talents.

The project began with five schools and gradually expanded to 38 schools by 2023. Each participating school has its own unique approach to bilingual education. 

It's crucial to understand that this project aims to create an English-learning environment for children. English language acquisition isn't confined solely to English classes but can also be practiced in other subjects and through various means such as English broadcasting, journals, or clubs. It has been observed that students in higher grades have found this approach beneficial.

New Taipei City hopes that through this project, an effective roadmap for bilingual education in the city can be established. In the future, by combining the experience gained with the right policies, a strong faculty, and teaching resources, we aim to enhance the quality of education not only for students but also for educators.

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New Taipei City Bilingual School Program is recruiting qualified teachers for English-teaching positions at public schools in Taiwan. The FET programme, designed to facilitate immersion in the English language amongst pupils and to develop links between schools in English-speaking countries and Taiwan, offers a wide range of financial and other benefits to successful applicants.

Furthermore, we provide assistance in official documents application such as VISA, Alien resident Certificate, as well as accommodations and orientation to help successful applicants settle in.

Please see below for detailed benefit package and requirements.

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Benefits include a monthly salary, reimbursement of flight costs up to a certain amount, an accommodation stipend and selected health-care insurance. Teachers will also be entitled to annual leave, overtime pay (if the 40-hour working week is exceeded) and a possible performance bonus if conditions and standards are met.

Salary information is as follows:
Holders of doctoral degrees: NT$ 75,950 – 100,010 per month
Holders of Master's degrees: NT$ 72,760 – 94,980 per month
Holders of bachelor's degrees: NT$ 65,230 – 85,380 per month
The exact salary rate shall be determined according to the amount of teaching experience of each applicant.

To be eligible for the programme, applicants must be in possession of an undergraduate degree or higher from a recognised institution, be a certified teacher with at least one year's experience teaching at a public government school (or a registered private school within Taiwan) and have no criminal record. Initial teaching posts are for one academic year (August to the following July), with the possibility of renewal at the end of that period.

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